# Troubleshoot

Having issues when running the software? Follow the indications in this guide to be able to troubleshoot any problem you may be experiencing.


It is encouraged that you identify/isolate the alleged problem before asking others for help. Document and inform yourself about the context of the problem before contacting others, including Chevereto support.


Do please do not run in panic for help.

# Debugging

Web servers are usually provided for production usage where is desired to don't output any of these messages to the end-user. This usually means white error pages, which could really annoy your debugging experience.

Check these if you have trouble debugging:

  • You have configured debug level
  • You have configured PHP error reporting
  • php.ini display_errors and error_log are properly configured
  • The user running the process has permissions on the logs path
  • You have restarted PHP-FPM/Apache/Nginx to apply changes

The software exists on top of many different technologies working at the same time and any component of this "stack" can fail. It is very likely that Chevereto won't cause directly the following issues:

  • Unable to connect
  • SQL "server gone"
  • CORS (missing icons, fonts)
  • Not found /install
  • HTTPS not working
  • Cookies/Sessions not working

Not being Chevereto related means that you will likely get an advice on what stuff you should check in your stack, but it won't drive to us (as a project and community) the responsibility to account for that.

# Understanding errors

# Aw, snap! Internal Server Error

Aw, snap! Internal Server Error - Check your error_log or enable debug_mode = 3

This message indicates an error caught by Chevereto, but hidden due to production error reporting settings. To actually know what is going on you have to debug.

By default the system hints debug_mode = 3 but you can use any level (1, 2, 3).

When debug is enabled, the message will now include the full error trace which allows a better understanding of the situation. This information is what you need to provide others when asking for help.