# 👋🏾 Introduction

# What is Chevereto?

Chevereto is a self-hosted multipurpose multi-user, full-featured media sharing solution. It can be used to create a myriad of applications or to empower existing systems, all around the concept of users sharing media content.

# Use

Chevereto default use case is as a media hosting service, and it can be easily extended to do more than that. The API is fully pluggable and the system is modular, you can implement it progressively in any project.

From a simple media gallery up to end-users monetizing their content each-other, Chevereto can leverage all the load of the media sharing layer for your project.

# Core Concepts

# Community Driven

A community (opens new window) drives the development for Chevereto. Users from all over the world help to shape this software.

# Headless

Chevereto is headless software, on its core is a self-exposed REST API made for any user interface.

Although it provides a default user interface (opens new window), you are encouraged to bring your own user interface, which it can be a website, desktop, mobile application, CLI tool, and pretty much whatever.

# Pluggable

Chevereto is designed with pluggable logic, enabling you to add exactly what you need to make it more yours. Use plugins to extend your installation and to create a better user experience for your unique needs.

# Grow Freely

With Chevereto you can start small and go far and high as you can as it includes a variety of servicing strategies for all budgets and needs.

On top of that, Chevereto is made for containers allowing to easily distribute it.

# Monetize It

Chevereto acknowledges that running a media sharing service could get costly, that's why it embraces monetization as a core need.

All default functionalities are provided in a easy-to-monetize way, allowing you to fine-tune how your service will monetize, regardless your niche or use case. You can learn more about this vision at Monetize your Chevereto installation (opens new window).

# Origin

Chevereto began in 2007 as a self-hosted alternative to ImageShack. It started as one-click image hosting service and here we are.

# Major Releases

Version Release Licensing (release) Licensing (actual)
V1 (opens new window) 2009-02-26 MIT License MIT License
V2 (opens new window) 2011-06-15 Proprietary MIT License
V3 (opens new window) 2014-04-05 Proprietary Proprietary (*)
V4 (opens new window) TBD MIT License MIT License