# Introduction

Setting up Chevereto requires a server environment where the software and uploaded files will be served.

VPS recommended

If you are just getting started with self-hosted applications, we recommend you to follow the root install guide. The root install guide covers everything the server needs to run the software.

# System requirements

Your server must meet the system requirements. It is very likely to encounter server issues if your server doesn't strictly meet the system requirements. Always double-check that the requirements are being provisioned.

# Installing

There are many different install methods that you can follow depending of what kind of server you choose. The guide contains all the known installation procedures.

There are also many user contributed installation guides that you can follow.

# Help and support

Check our support (opens new window), which is directly provided by the author (opens new window) of the software with the help of the Chevereto Community (opens new window).

Help is welcome

Help for supporting others using the software is highly welcome, feel free to join our community!