# Hosting

Although you can serve a Chevereto website directly, it is more efficient to serve it provisioned by specialized hosting for such process. The options vary a lot depending on the kind of website you want to build, target traffic and budget.

# Recommendations

Keep in mind the following wise recommendations when choosing a hosting provider for Chevereto hosting.

# Beware of no limits

Try to avoid providers offering either unlimited or unmetered server limitations. There's no such thing as an endless hard drive or a data cable that doesn't require power to run. The normal scam used by bad hosting providers is to offer unlimited stuff without mentioning other limitations like concurrency at HTTP, MySQL and the inode limitation, which is the cap for how many files an account can allocate.

There will be always a fine print that it will limit you anyway. You must document yourself on the service offered and actually read the service contract, terms of service or any applicable document.

# Don't get fooled by marketing

Some bad providers use heavy marketing strategies to be the first on search results, have attractive landing pages and keep showing you ads anywhere you browse later. Try to avoid the providers that require that kind of heavy marketing to run their business, prefer those who spend the money in better machines and customer support.

Some providers, specially the big ones, will claim that they are the #1 in several categories that are either made up or available to purchase from any blog or magazine.

# Discard affiliates

There are many websites with rankings, reviews or anything related to hosting providers and you shouldn't trust in any measurement, level or even comparison. Most of these websites are merely doing affiliate marketing.

If you spot an affiliate link you should run away. They are recommending you something just to profit from it.

# Ask others

You can always ask for user feedback in our community (opens new window) regarding any hosting provider or related service. You can also trust in well-know sources of hosting related communities:

# Providers

This is a list of know hosting providers that advertise to either support Chevereto or to be optimized for the purpose of running it. Links in this section aren't sponsored nor contain any kind of affiliate marketing.


If you know about a provider to recommend or to warn about a bad provider, please let us know to provide notes on each case.