# ❤ Contributing

Chevereto is indie developed. Any help is really welcome.

# Code

You can help with further development by providing your time and care. Chevereto is open for any kind of issue (opens new window) and pull request (opens new window), bug reporting, testing, translating, documenting, design, etc.

By contributing to this project, you agree that your contributions will be licensed under its MIT License (opens new window).

# Trackers

Please refer to the appropriate version repository when possible.

# Translating

Help translating Chevereto to other languages at chevereto.oneskyapp.com (opens new window)

# Project

You can help to build a bigger project by doing the following:

# Donating

You can donate directly to the developer via PayPal (opens new window). If you want to donate crypto, or if you have any other kind of donation feel free to contact the developer (opens new window).