# 💎 Chevere

Chevereto is made on top of Chevere (opens new window), a PHP framework for building extensible server-side applications.

# Resources

# What it does?

Chevere was made for this and Chevereto inherits many standards and concepts directly "as-is" from Chevere. It provides the basic tooling required to write the application.

With Chevere, all the application endpoints can be driven as controllers for very-specific workflows, which are simply sequential typed actions that runs on demand. Creating easy-to-test code gets trivial with this pattern, for example the ImageValidateMediaAction (opens new window) gets tested (opens new window) very easily and same goes to controllers, as ImagePostController which is also easily tested (opens new window).

It also provides tooling to interact with the filesystem and pretty much all basic needs to define any modern application.