# 🏭 Servicing

Chevereto is designed to be provided in a persistent-system state, with an application runner in charge of driving context-aware runtime instructions.

Chevereto can be easily provided using Docker. Refer to the installation guide.


Check the Docker image to learn about the servicing provisioning like configuration and more.

# Operating System

Chevere is build and tested on Ubuntu (opens new window) ubuntu-latest.

Review Chevere Operating System (opens new window) for specifications on the system used to design Chevereto.


Refer to Chevere PHP (opens new window) for specifications on PHP runtime provisioning.

# MariaDB Server

systemctl start mariadb

# Swoole

Run this to spawn the built-in Swoole HTTP server at port-here.

php ./run/swoole/http.php

Run this to spawn the built-in WebSocket server at port-here.

php ./run/swoole/websocket.php
What if you can't run Swoole?

You can run Chevereto behind a conventional HTTP web server, but I/O performance will be dramatically decreased.

Point the Chevereto entry point to your web server PHP runner:

🚧 Work in progress

# Redis

systemctl start redis

# RabbitMQ

RabbitMQ (opens new window) is used for handling the application background jobs.