# Website settings


# Website name

Determines the name of your website, it will be used in all document titles (trailing).

# Website doctitle

Determines the doctitle for your website, mainly used in homepage.

# Website description

A brief summary on what's your website.

# Powered by Chevereto

Determines if the "Powered by Chevereto" appears on your website.

Showing "Powered by Chevereto" allows others to know the software and it helps us to get known.

Value Effect
Enabled Enable "Powered by Chevereto" footer
Disabled Disable "Powered by Chevereto" footer


Determines how HTTPS will be handled for the application URLs.

Value Effect
Automatic Use HTTPS on URLs if web server is configured with HTTPS
Forced Always use HTTPS
Disabled Disable HTTPS (all URLs will use http)

# Default time zone

Determines the default system time zone. This will be the default timezone for new user sign-up.

Toggles the search functionality.

Search allows users to locate content based on a search query.

Value Effect
Enabled Enable search
Disabled Disable search

# Explore

Toggles the explore functionality.

Explore browses the public available images.

Value Effect
Enabled Enable explore
Disabled Disable explore

# Explore (guests)

Toggles the explore functionality (for guests).

Same as explore, but only affects guests users.

Value Effect
Enabled Enable explore for guest
Disabled Disable explore for guest

# Random

Toggles the random functionality.

Random allows to randomly show a public image. It enables ?random to fetch a random public image.

Value Effect
Enabled Enable random button
Disabled Disable random button

# Likes

Toggles the likes functionality.

Likes allow users to like content. It also generates "liked" listings.

Value Effect
Enabled Enable likes
Disabled Disable likes

# Followers

Toggles the followers functionality.

Followers allow users to follow each other. It also enables the "following" listing for each user.

Value Effect
Enabled Enable followers
Disabled Disable followers

# Website mode

Determines the website mode. It will affect how your installation works.

Value Effect
Community A community-like website with users interacting
Personal A single-user experience

# Website privacy mode

Determines the website privacy mode.


Private mode will always require login. Implement it only for private audiences.

Value Effect
Public All content is intended to be public
Private All content is intended to be private (login required)

# Content privacy mode*

*Applies only if Website privacy mode is set to Private.

Determines the user content privacy mode.

Privacy is provisioned per album basis. Images inherits privacy from the album.

Value Effect
Default Users can freely choose the privacy for their own content
Force private (self) User content is forced to be private and only the owner can see the content
Force private (anyone with the link) User content is forced to be private but accesible for anyone with the link