# Tools


# Decode ID

Converts an encoded id into its integer decoded value.

Example Result
v5ZO 1234

# Encode ID

Converts an integer id into its encoded value.

Example Result
1234 v5ZO

# Send test email

Sends a test mail to the target email address.

Use this to test email delivery rate.

Example Result
test-ihmi89xct@srv1.mail-tester.com Test email sent to test-ihmi89xct@srv1.mail-tester.com

# Export a user

Exports user profile information in json format.

Use this when needing to export an user.

    "name": "Biggie Smalls",
    "username": "admin",
    "email": "admin@chevereto.com",
    "facebook_username": null,
    "twitter_username": null,
    "website": "https:\/\/rodolfo.is",
    "bio": "",
    "timezone": "America\/Santiago",
    "language": "en",
    "is_private": "0",
    "newsletter_subscribe": "1"

# Regenerate external storage stats

Re-calculate external storage stats for the target storage id.

Example Result
1 Storage "AWS S3 US WEST N.CALI" (1) stats re-generated

# Migrate image records from one external storage to another

Re-assign image database tables from one storage to another.

Use this when you want to migrate storages and need to update the database records.

Values Example
Source storage id 1
Target storage id 2