# Pages


# Adding pages

Click on the "add page" link at the top right menu.

# Page values

# Title

Determines the page title used for links.

# Page status

Toggles if the page is active or not.

# Type

Determines the page type.

  • Internal page is a .php file in which you can do anything.
  • Link page is just a link to a target URL.

# Internal page type

Determines the type of internal page, which can be of type terms of service or extra page.

# Page visibility

Toggles the visibility of the page link.

# URL key

Determines the URL key (path) for the page.

# File path

Determines the file path where the page will be saved.

# Meta keywords

Determines the meta (opens new window) keywords.

# Meta description

Determines the meta (opens new window) description.

# Source code

The code for the internal .php page.

Determines the link URL. Applies only for page type link.

Determines the HTML target attribute (opens new window).

Determines the HTML rel attribute (opens new window).

Determines the icon used in the top right pages menu.

# Sort order display

Determines the sort order display when displaying the pages link menu.