# Listing settings


# List items per page

Determines how many items will be displayed per page. The more you display, the slower it gets. Choose wisely.

Type Recommended
Integer 24

# List pagination mode

Determines how pagination will work.

Value Effect
Classic pagination Use conventional pages to browse listings
Endless scrolling Use XHR to append content to the listing page

# Listing viewer

Toggles the listing viewer.

Value Effect
Enabled Enables a a full-screen image browsing experience, like a lightbox
Disabled No viewer

# Image listing size

Determines how images will be fitted in listings.

Value Effect
Fixed Tiled listing display, fixed width and height
Fluid Masonry listing display, automatic height

# Album listing images requirement (explore)

Determine the album image count required to show the album in listings.

Type Recommended
Integer 5

# Listing columns number

Determines the number of columns used for listing. You can control this for a wide selection of devices: phone, phablet, tablet, laptop and desktop.

Type Recommended
Integer 1 or 2 columns for small devices