# External storage


# Adding storages

Click on "Add storage".

# Storage values (common)

# Name

The name for the storage.

Type Accepted
String max length 32

# Bucket

The bucket where the files will be stored.

Type Description
String The bucket name

# Key

The API key to access storage.

Type Description
String Public key

# Secret

The API secret to access storage.

Type Description
String Secret key

# Storage capacity

The capacity allowed for the storage.

Type Example
String 20 GB


The URL that will be mapped to the storage.

Type Example
String https://storage1.demo.chevereto.com/bucket/


For the example above, a file at https://storage1.demo.chevereto.com/bucket/example.jpg should be resolving.

# Alibaba Cloud OSS

# Endpoint

Besides common settings, Alibaba Cloud OSS requires to provide the endpoint.

Type Description
String Alibaba Cloud OSS endpoint

# Amazon S3

Besides common settings, Amazon S3 requires to provide the region.

Type Description
String Amazon S3 region

# Backblaze B2

Uses common settings, but Backblaze B2 names key/secret in differently.

Value Description
Key Account ID
Secret Master Application Key


Besides some common settings, FTP requires other values.

Value Description Example
Server IP address or hostname ftp.chevereto.com
Path Server FTP path /path/in/server/
User FTP user username
Password FTP password password

# Google Cloud

Besides some common settings, Google Cloud requires to provide the key in JSON format.

# Private key

Type Description
String Google Cloud JSON key

# Local

Besides some common settings, Local requires to provide the local path.

Type Description
String Local path

# Microsoft Azure

Besides some common settings, Microsoft Azure requires other values.

Value Description
Account Microsoft Azure AccountName
Key Microsoft Azure Accountkey
Endpoint Microsoft Azure endpoint

# OpenStack

Besides some common settings, OpenStack requires other values.

Value Description
Service name For example, swift
Identity URL Identity API endpoint
Username The username
Password The password
Region Storage region
Container Storage container
Tenant id Tenant id (account id)
Tenant name Tenant name (account name)

# S3 compatible

Besides some common settings, S3 compatible requires to provide the region and the endpoint.

Value Description
Region Storage region
Endpoint Storage endpoint


Same as FTP, but using the SSH File Transfer Protocol (opens new window) protocol.