# Email



Test email delivery results at tools.

# From name

Determines the from name used when sending transactional emails.

Type Default
String Chevereto

# From email address

Determines the email used when sending transactional emails.

It is recommended to use a "no-reply" address.

Type Example
String no-reply@chevereto.com

# Incoming email address

Determines the email inbox.

Contact form and system notifications will send emails to this address.

Type Example
String inbox@chevereto.com

# Email mode

Determines the email mode to use.


The setting PHP mail() func. should only be used at development environment and for reliability you should always use SMTP.

Value Effect
SMTP Send email using Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (opens new window)
PHP mail() func. Send email using PHP mail function (opens new window)


Below SMTP settings applies only when Email mode is set to SMTP.

# SMTP server and port

Determines SMTP server and its port.

Type Values
String SMTP hostname
Integer Ports: 25, 80, 465, 587

# SMTP username

Determines SMTP username.

Type Values
String SMTP username

# SMTP password

Determines SMTP password.

Type Values
String SMTP password

# SMTP security

Determines SMTP security.

Value Effect
TLS Use Transport Layer Security (opens new window)
SSL Use Secure Sockets Layer
Unsecured Don't secure emails